Victory of the Community! Meli is now in Round 2 of GameFi

“MELI games is an ecosystem of multiple games, our first game MELI is focused on PVP/PvE battles and the stepping stone into our metaverse…or MELI verse as we call it.

We truly gamify the DeFi experience, allowing anyone with Zero Knowledge of technology, crypto or finance to become financially independent just by playing a video game!”

This was said by the CEO of MELI Games, Warren Burke, when he joined a live Ask Me Anything session on the official OEC Telegram channel on January 7th.

As the reshuffle of the GameFi field comes to an end, many hot projects once sweeping the field in the early days have gradually disappeared. Meli Games, on the other hand, has grown from an ordinary blockchain game to a well sought-after project, with more than 100 guilds and institutions actively participating. Thanks to its excellent team, active community, timely and efficient system optimization, and most importantly, the efforts and persistence of all community members, Meli has entered the second round of Gamefi’s ecological development.

Meli has entered the OEC ecosystem and has become one of the leading GameFi projects on OEC.

In the BSC ecosystem, MELI, which was once unable to be on the list, is now on every GameFi-related ecological list.

The fast response speed of the MELI team

Players who participated in the MELI public beta would have a more profound experience of this. During the public beta, some technical problems occurred, but the MELI team was always able to solve such problems within a few hours, and even the longest waiting time was no longer than 24 hours.

Warren Burke, the CEO of MELI, has about 10 years of experience in the video game field. He has a video game studio Triple Ox Games in the UK, which once won the Microsoft award. He is also the winner of the 2015 Microsoft Imagine Cup and Azure’s AZ Innovation Award. He delivered a popular TEDx speech on blockchain and data security in 2018.

Jack, the CMO of MELI, has worked for Red Bull for 9 years and won the Red Dot Design Award in 2019. He also once served at big companies such as Vaporesso and Vogue.

Samir, the COO of MELI, has rich experience in cooperating with traditional banks and financial companies, so MELI completely complies with US standards and regulations, which is very important for long-term development.

Everyone in the team has their own expertise and trust each other to make the right decisions, which allows the team to work faster and more efficiently. No time is wasted when solving problems, so MELI can grow faster and more efficiently than its peers.

On January 6, 2022, during its intensive marketing activities, MELI made a huge adjustment to its tokenomics and system running strategy. After this adjustment, MELI’s tokenomics is healthier and with more deflationary scenarios, solving the problem of lacking deflationary scenarios faced by most GameFi projects. The adjustment made MELI stand out among its GameFi peers in the second round of competition.

The advantages top-layer design of MELI

On December 8, Meli Game’s parent company, Mining IO, an established American blockchain game incubator, has officially submitted a Reg. D financing application to the SEC to initiate equity financing and the NASDAQ listing plan.

Mining IO is a limited liability company registered in Delaware, USA. The company mainly develops and incubates popular projects in fields such as GameFi, Metaverse, and NFT. Meli is a large-scale battle game based on NFT incubated by Mining IO. At present, the valuation of Meli has reached 250 million US dollars. It is reported that Mining IO aims to raise a total of 10 million US dollars in the first phase, and has obtained cooperation intentions from many SPAC companies for the listing on NASDAQ.

In Meli, players need to consume MELI tokens to breed new NFT heroes, and those MELI tokens will enter the trust fund pool, which will become the company assets held by Mining IO. After the listing of Mining IO, those assets will provide financial and resource support for Meli NFT and other projects in the future.

Meli believes that the essence of GameFi is still the Game, and the tokenomics is an important component. The top-layer design of MELI allows the tokenomics and product ecology to develop in a sustainable and healthy manner.

The number of community players is skyrocketing due to ecological construction

Up to now, MELI has directly cooperated with more than 100 institutions, guilds, and communities, and MELI tokens and PCE tokens have also been listed on many exchanges around the world with high liquidity.

Meli has been actively interacting with other projects or institutions to attract users and create topics, and increase the market popularity of Meli and its business partners.

Hundreds of NFTs are consumed every day under the level-up system. A while back, MELI started DAO governance. Since then, the community development of MELI has been in a more fair and open manner.

MELI is designed and developed by a team of real players. Most importantly, the team knows what a truly fun game is. MELI means “better” in Latin, and that’s what the MELI team has been striving to do: make the fields such as the blockchain, finance, DeFi, and video games, better and stronger!



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