Updated MELI Hatching System

Dear Meli Players,

Because the breeding consumes too much $PCE in the market, its price has soared, so does the price of heros. This imbalance has severely restricted the entry of new users.

We will adjust the reproduction consumption into the following scheme. The new plan starts at 07:00 am UTC on December 6.

Updated MELI Hatching System

Single hero breeding consumption:
#1G 1000 PCE +30 MELI
#2G 1500 PCE +30 MELI
#3G 2250 PCE +30 MELI
#4G 3000 PCE +30 MELI
#5G 4500 PCE +30 MELI
#6G 5500 PCE +30 MELI
#7G 6500 PCE +30 MELI

About MELI

MELI is a battle game utilizing playable NFTs with individual characteristics, referred to in-game as a Meliora. Players have several options when obtaining a Meloria, they can battle PvP or PvE to earn rewards, increase ranking or combine two NFTs to create a new, unique character NFT with special abilities.

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