OEC (OKEx Chain) is a public chain developed by OKEx Exchange. OEC has the same EVM compatibility as BSC, HECO and Ethereum projects, so there is almost no difference in its use. Users can start using OEC with a simple setup in MetaMask wallet.

Install MetaMask

Configure OEC main network

2, Click Ethereum Mainnet, and in the click “Add Network”.

3, Fill in OEC network Configuration parameters, then click “Save”.

Configuration parameters are as follows:
Network Name: Okex Chain Mainnet
ChainID: 66
Symbol: OKT
Blockchain Explorer URL:

4, After the configuration is complete, switch the network to Okex Chain Mainnet.

5, After switching network, you also need to transfer OKT as a chain operation fee, you can buy and withdraw from exchange.

6, After the successful transfer, you can check the received status in the wallet.


2, Click on the NFT picture to enter the purchase page.

3, Click on “Make offer”

4, Fill in the amount of NFT you want to buy(the current NFT price is 2.9 USDT, enter unit price : 3 USDT, expires in : 3 days )and then click Make offer, confirm by clicking on “sign”.

5, Order made successfully, you can see your order in the Offers record, and then wait for another player to match your bid.

6, If you do not want to wait, you can also buy directly in the “List”. Choose a price, then click the “Buy” button.

7, Confirm the price and number of copies, then click “buy now”.

8, To complete the relevant confirmation, click on “sign” then “confirm”.

Congratulations ! You have now completed all the steps.

Click “Dashboard”, then “NFTs” to check your purchased Meliora(OEC).



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