Meli x Gamestarter IGO Tutorial

Complete KYC certification:

  1. Go to and click wallet to connect your wallet.

2. After your wallet is connected, click verify KYC to begin the KYC process

3. Fill in all your information, such as Full name, Birth date, nationality, wallet address and telegram username as required.

4. Choose to upload your ID, passport or driver’s licence photo

5. Upload your ID photo

6. Wait for your KYC verification

You will receive an update via email once your KYC is verified.

To participate in the IGO, you need to purchase GAME tokens to receive your quota:

  1. Click buy game on the IGO of Gamestarter and choose your channel of purchase, for BSC users we recommend Pancakeswap.

2. Purchase GAME tokens in Pancakeswap, token address: 0x66109633715d2110dda791e64a7b2afadb517abb

3. Go to the staking page

4. Enter the amount of GAME you would like to pledge, the amount pledged determines your IGO quota as seen below:



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