MELI Summary for 2021

Project Achievements

Outlook for 2022

  • Adjust PVP/PVE output method
  • Add limited-time invitation rewards
  • Open higher stars
  • Update and optimize the official website and market
  • Update the pledge MELI process
  • Launch OEC chain games, markets and cross-chain assets
  • Plan and research land gameplay
  • Plan and develop staking gameplay
  • R&D and test Layer2 network and wallet
  • Plan and develop new functions such as opening DEX and NFT markets to the outside world
  • Plan and research the NFT lending market
  • More new gameplay
  • Seek cooperation and joint publicity opportunities from leading exchanges
  • Update technical progress to help community users better understand the project
  • Organize more operational activities to increase community activity and participation
  • Immediately process user feedback to optimize the game experience
  • Expand more guild markets and resources in the circle




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