MELI Summary for 2021

In the past year, the world has been in the shadow of the pandemic, but this has not stopped the blockchain industry from its vigorous development. In this year, we have witnessed Bitcoin reaching unprecedented heights. The NFT work, Everydays: The first 5000 days of crypto by artist Beeple, sold for a record price of US$69 million. The NFT game Axie Infinity became the world’s highest revenue game.The Metaverse concept has become the hottest concept in technology and finance…Blockchain is constantly striving for development.

2021 is the year of the outbreak of GameFi. In March 2021, blockchain games with the GameFi concept began to rise. In July, GameFi games represented by Axie Infinity ushered in explosive growth. During this period, the number of blockchain games grew exponentially. GameFi is a combination of DeFi+Game+NFT. NFT provides the living soil for GameFi and becomes the value carrier of the economic system in the game, making GameFi become one of the hottest fields this year.

As one of the main projects of GameFi , Meli originated in 2020 and is stronger in 2021. Therefore, 2021 is also a memorable year for Meli. Meli has achieved many important achievements this year. Next, we will follow the timeline to review Meli’s 2021 achievements.

Project Achievements

Meli started the first phase of Hero NFT sales on BSC. 45,000 Meliora heroes were sold in 7 rounds. Although it was a pre-sale before the game was launched, each round of sales were sold out almost immediately. The Community showed strong confidence in Meli.

October 24

Meli launched a bug reward program. In order to provide users with a better gaming experience, we have launched a bug bounty program. Any user who finds a bug in the Meli game can get rich rewards based on the security level of the reported problem. Meli always puts the safety of its users’ assets first.

October 28

Online game BETA test. As the final preparation before the game was officially launched, Meli launched the BETA test for users around the world. The test quota was limited to 300. Users participating in the BETA test could not only experience the charm of Meli games in advance, but also get the MELI and PCE generations provided by the team.

November 3

We had an Open IDO on Meli official website and BSCStation platform. In order to allow users to participate in the game at a lower cost and to better enjoy Meli’s development dividends, Meli opened IDO on the official website channel and BSC crowdfunding platform BSCStation. 28 million and 3.8 million MELI generations were sold at a price of 0.05U, respectively. Users who participated in the IGO had a maximum return on investment of more than 1000%.

November 4

The Meli game was officially launched. In the game, players can obtain rich game rewards through battle, ranking, incubation, development and other gameplay methods to achieve true Play to Earn.

November 11

Meli launched community feedback activities. The Meli team airdropped an NFT worth more than 10,000 USD to support Meli’s guilds, KOLs and partners to thank the community for their continued attention and support in Meli.

December 2

The ambassador program is launched. In order to encourage enthusiastic community members to fully participate in the planning and development of the Meli project, and to provide support for Meli in community construction and project improvement, we officially launched the Ambassador Program. Users can apply to become ambassadors to contribute to the development of Meli. At the same time, you can also get tokens and NFT rewards provided by the team.

December 6

Updated the game incubation system. Since the original incubation mechanism consumed too much PCE in the market, the prices of tokens and hero NFTs have soared, greatly increasing the cost of users’ games. Therefore, Meli adjusted the incubation system to reduce the consumption of users when incubating heroes. This greatly reduced the user’s game cost and improved the game experience.

December 10

Established a cooperative relationship with the KAKA NFT WORLD project. KAKA NFT WORLD is an open meta-universe platform. Through cooperation with KAKA NFT WORLD, Meli can reach more users in the meta-universe world. To celebrate this event, the Meli team also provided $50 million worth of NFT and MELI tokens as rewards to the community.

December 16

Meli started cross-chain deployment to the OKEx Chain (OEC). In order to enrich Meli’s ecology and capture more traffic from OEC, Meli completed the cross-chain deployment on OEC. Meli issued 10,000 Meliora NFTs on the OEC chain at a price of 1/10 of the BSC chain. This price strategy is to reduce the barriers to participation of OEC users to expand the OEC market. The price systems on the two chains are independent of each other, so they will not affect BSC players.

December 18

Launched a community content creation contest. Users could submit their MEME pictures, interpretation articles, game guides, videos and other works created for Meli on Meli’s Discord channel to win the generous rewards provided by Meli. Up to now, the event has attracted more than 500 community users to participate and more than 1,000 submissions.

December 28

Meli DAO is officially launched. For a decentralized project, Meli adopts the DAO governance model, and all community users can participate in governance to determine the development direction of the project. Meli users have launched a community proposal solicitation activity to collect users’ best optimization plans for Meli games. Users whose proposals are adopted through community voting can receive a reward of up to 10,000 MELI tokens.

Community operation

In terms of the community, up to now, the Telegram main group has more than 40,000 members active. We have established more than 1,000 discussion groups, and 156 global ambassadors from more than 30 countries are maintaining various communities, including Spain, Turkey, India, etc. On Twitter, nearly 60,000 users are following our official account @0xMeliGames, users are mainly from the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and Southeast Asia; on Discord, more than 20,000 fans are actively participating in our activities every day. Meli’s Tiktok channel also has more than 160,000 fans, and the videos have received more than 1.8M likes.

In terms of tokens, MELI has more than 38,000 holding addresses on BSC, and PCE has close to 35,000 holding addresses. MELI has now launched on Gate, MEXC, PancakeSwap,, ZT and other major exchanges, with an average daily trading volume of more than 600,000 U.S. dollars.

Outlook for 2022

In terms of technology, we will:

  • Adjust PVP/PVE output method
  • Add limited-time invitation rewards
  • Open higher stars
  • Update and optimize the official website and market
  • Update the pledge MELI process
  • Launch OEC chain games, markets and cross-chain assets
  • Plan and research land gameplay
  • Plan and develop staking gameplay
  • R&D and test Layer2 network and wallet
  • Plan and develop new functions such as opening DEX and NFT markets to the outside world
  • Plan and research the NFT lending market
  • More new gameplay

In terms of operations, we will:

  • Seek cooperation and joint publicity opportunities from leading exchanges
  • Update technical progress to help community users better understand the project
  • Organize more operational activities to increase community activity and participation
  • Immediately process user feedback to optimize the game experience
  • Expand more guild markets and resources in the circle

We look back on the past so we can move forward. Meli will work with the community to create a continuously developing GameFi world.



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