Ambassador Program

DO you want to be someone in the metaverse boom?
DO you have a strong ambition on having a name in Gamefi space?
DO you wanna get an opportunity to make a fortune and learn some skills?

Here, we are proud to announce that is now launching its ambassador program!

Who do we want? Ambassador Program aims at encouraging our passionate community members to get fully involved in our project and provide potential support in developing our project both in community building and project improvement.

  • Apply in here:

Attention please! Anyone could put forward its application to us, but YOU should be:

  • An active user with a great passion about our products and the team.

What is the Role You Play as You Become Our Ambassador?


  • Be active and friendly in our community, helping newcomers quickly and fully understand our project.

Buzz Agent

  • Be a source of knowledge for, online help out answering questions where necessary.


  • Create original and creative content such as educational videos and articles, GIFs, memes, etc.

Why Choose Us?

As all these mentioned above you fulfilled, you could not only gain the financial rewards, but also some life-beneficial skills and experiences, which will bring to a brighter future.

Rewards include but are not limited.

Basic Rewards:

We will reward our token $MELI $PCE MELIORA to encourage our ambassadors for their commitments, and show our appreciation for representing our core values and spreading the word to contribute to’ growth.


Direct access to the team and leadership for guidance and support.

Be part of an extended team:

Being a part of the larger community of blockchain enthusiasts and being a key contributor to the

Extra Rewards:

Additional tokens rewards will be given based on the performance, such as bringing on board talented individuals and opinion leaders.

How to Be Our Ambassador?

Step 1: Fill out the application form

Interested in? Why not take your time and start to apply now?

- Apply in here:

Step 2: Official screening

Once we receive your response, your application will be under review by core team members.

Step 3: Come and be the chosen one

After the reviewing process,Once selected, an invitation letter will be sent to your email.

What are you waiting for? Come and join us.

About MELI

MELI is a battle game utilizing playable NFTs with individual characteristics, referred to in-game as a Meliora. Players have several options when obtaining a Meloria, they can battle PvP or PvE to earn rewards, increase ranking or combine two NFTs to create a new, unique character NFT with special abilities.

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