MELI.GAMES Statement About MELIORA(OEC) Launch

Dear meligames beloved players, we are glad to announce the launch on OEC calendar for December!

MELIORA(OEC) is deployed on the OEC network which will not be accessible by IPs from China, USA and Canada. The main markets are in Southeast Asia and South America. MELIORA(OEC) and MELIORA (BSC) are not interoperable, MELIORA can only be used to play games, tranding, breed and level up on their respective chains. The cost and revenue of MELIORA(OEC) will be 10 times lower than that of the MELIORA (BSC) and therefore will not affect the BSC Meli game, NFT assets or players’ revenue. Rather, more participants will strengthen the consensus on Meli and PCE tokens.

10,000 Meliora NFTs on the OEC chain

Meligames will issue 10,000 Meliora NFTs on the OEC chain, and the issuing price will be relatively low as well. This price strategy is to expand the OEC market by decreasing the participation threshold for OEC users. It will not affect BSC network players.

MELI is committed to creating a highly playable, low-threshold metaverse for global users and will continue to expand to multiple networks so that all blockchain users can enjoy the fun and P2E benefits from Meli.

About MELI

MELI is a battle game utilizing playable NFTs with individual characteristics, referred to in-game as a Meliora. Players have several options when obtaining a Meloria, they can battle PvP or PvE to earn rewards, increase ranking or combine two NFTs to create a new, unique character NFT with special abilities.

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