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The year is 2148 and the world is under threat. Enemies await on every battlefield and alien invaders seek your precious Meli. Only one can rule it all. But with our ‘How to Play” guide that person could be you…

Before We Begin

GameFi leverages the power of blockchain technology so before you can begin playing MELI you must first download METAMASK. Lucky for you, METAMASK is super easy to set up and connecting it to Binance Smart Chain is even easier. Follow the link here to get started:

Now that you have METAMASK set up let’s sign up and delve into the MELIVERSE.

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

The set up of the game is a familiar one to old-school RPG fanatics. MELIORA are your characters, all unique and equipped with different strengths and weaknesses in the form of stats and abilities. Getting to know your characters is essential to success in the game. In armory you will be able to view your MELIORA to gain a better understanding of your strategy before entering adventure or arena.

Go to armory and at the center of the screen is your MELIORA. On the right are your attributes: health, attack, gunfire, speed, defense and coating (armor). Attack is linked to physical strikes such as sword dance or slam. These will be highlighted under the skill section in grey. Gunfire attacks will be highlighted in pink, such as flame burst or assault strike. Attack is countered by defense and gunfire attacks are countered by coating (armor). Naturally, certain monsters have a weakness to one or the other and by finding out which one is which, you will be able to exploit their weaknesses and be victorious. For example, if the enemies in adventure mode are primarily gun-based, then it would be advantageous to equip your party with MELIORA with high coating stats.

It’s time to pick your team. You are allowed only three party members and when all three die in battle it’s game over and you return to the main menu. Another important aspect to note when picking your team and putting them in order is their skill sets. Each attack requires skill points highlighted in the orange bubble next to the attack. When you start your battles you will only have 2–3 skill points available on your first turn. These will progressively rise so make sure the moves you want to use first are part of a strategy that benefits in the long run such as stat buffers.

Now that we have our team assembled let’s play. Go to the main menu and decide whether you want to play Adventure (PvE) or Arena (PvP). Let’s start with Adventure first. On the main menu screen you will see the land you are battling on at the center. This will highlight the types of enemies you will be battling against. Remember to note what attack they use and what weapons, so next time you face them you can better strategize. Learning the different elements of enemies is key to ruling the MELIVERSE.

Next to the battlefield it will highlight what awards you will obtain for being victorious. Only by battling through your enemies and winning can you obtain precious coins that will enable you to hatch and level up MELIORA (NFTs). Click on battle to start. Be aware that battling requires energy signaled by the green battery icon. This recharges every 2 hours limiting the amount of times you can battle. If you battle and lose then your chance to earn coins has been lost until in recharges once more.

Let’s Battle!

You have three enemies pitted against you all with unique abilities and attacks. Use your allocated skill points and pick the moves you want. Remember how I said its best to begin with stat buffers. Well here I’m going to use inspiration to boost my next turn when I have more skill points and can unleash a triple attack.

See how the orange circle with skill points has increased. Let’s use this to our advantage and unleash a devastating series of attacks. Some moves like infinity cylinder will stop me from attacking in the next round. But with a serious stat buffer active in the game through my inspiration attack, this move will prove so devastating, it is worth the sacrifice.

We made light work of them and are rewarded handsomely for the privilege, gaining experience points and acquiring tokens. Once you have achieved three pink diamonds in a level you will be able to blitz the area, meaning you don’t have to battle to earn rewards here.

Now let’s go to arena and fight real people form a chance to win serious rewards. You will need your MELIORA to all have energy available to battle here. Select your team and click battle.

Battling against other players can be a lot more difficult than battling against the environment, so make sure you’re battling against opponents of a similar level, or otherwise you’re going to get destroyed. Their levels will appear before you agree to battle.

Spoils of War

Once you’ve vanquished your enemies check out the assets section to see what rewards you have stocked up. Clean evergy token can only be won in game whilst MELI token can be purchased via the marketplace in the main menu.

In order to obtain higher level MELIORA you will need to combine two of the same MELIORA and clean energy token. If you want new MELIORA you can do this by combining two MELIORA with Mel token and Clean Energy Tokens. This will return your two MELIORA and add a third, which is generated randomly.

Remember, as a MELI gamer, your characters and your coins are all yours and can be sold and traded in the open market. When new games come out, don’t think your MELI will go to waste. They will be transferable into new games and new universes with every release. At MELI, we want you — the gamer — to feel your time and energy is truly rewarded and build an ecosystem that values gaming above all else.