Dear Meli Players,

Because the breeding consumes too much $PCE in the market, its price has soared, so does the price of heros. This imbalance has severely restricted the entry of new users.

We will adjust the reproduction consumption into the following scheme. …

Dear Meli Community,

Ever since 14:00UTC 10th November, Meli has airdropped NFTs to guilds, KOLs, and partners that have been supporting Meli. The 59 players who had received the 20ETH compensation in the old marketplace also received the NFT airdrop (the cumulative benefits is about 2 NFTs per person ). At the same time, 18 lucky addresses, which are listed below, won the SPECIAL airdrop rewards.

Ever since its launch, Meli has been under the spotlight. Meli is grateful for the attention and support all along, and will work hard to overcome all difficulties and strive to create a better Gamefi experience for users.

18 Random winners:

Dear Meliora players,

Since the recent announcement of the IDO plan, we have been getting feedback from players saying that the subscription cap on the official platform was too low, hindering real game players from snapping up MELI tokens. We thought over the feedback, negotiated with multiple platforms, and finally decided to suspend the IGO on Gamestarter and use the retrieved MELI tokens to initiate IDO on the official website instead. At the same time, we will increase the subscription cap of each address. The IDO details are as follows:

Subscription time:
November 4, 2021 13:00 (UTC)
Subscription site:
Total supply:
28000000 MELI
Subscription price:
Subscription cap:
BNB equivalent to $350, namely 7000 MELI per address.

Thank you for your continued support


  1. This IDO is performed on BSC, all operations need to use BNB as a handling fee, please reserve a certain amount of BNB in ​​your wallet in advance;

2. The token used to purchase MELI in the IDO is BUSD (BEP20), which can be purchased from Binance or other exchanges…

We are happy to announce that the Meli Games IGO registration on Gamestarter will be going live soon! The IGO will be starting tomorrow(1st November) at 11:00AM(UTC).

$MELI IGO Details

Registration Opens: 1st of November, 11:00 am UTC
Registration Closes: 2nd of November, 11:00 pm UTC
Lottery Winners Announced: 2nd of November 12:00 pm UTC

After more than a year of preparation and development, Meli, the most anticipated GameFi project in 2021, will finally launch its debut Meliora NFT on the 21st, October! Meli is an NFT battle game incorporating elements from sub-cultures, and a variety of gameplays, such as matchmaking, ranking, incubation, and nurturing…

MELI beta test time: October 28-November 3
PVE mode: daily available
PVP mode: season period Oct. 28-Nov. 2
Players: whitelist players check the whitelist
Beta Test Group :
Beta Test access link: Download Beta test app:

V. 10.30

V. 10.27


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